About Us

Simple Reflect is a small, enterprising young company. 
We work on a very simple premise that we build what our customers ask for!

Who we are:


Kathy has been a Family Day Care Educator for over 20 years. 20 years!

She is super passionate about helping early childhood educators shine. Finding confidence and certainty around programming, critical reflection and building real connections.

Our precious children need strong, passionate, motivated educators !

She regularly conducts trainings around programming, as well as through her scheme to introduce new FDC Educators to the industry and to help them with the struggles they encounter along the way.

Kathy has also worked as a Child Development Officer for Orange Family Day Care. She holds a Certificate 4 in Community Services and a Diploma of Children Services.


Liam does the nerdy tech jobs for the business.

He's a complete rookie when it comes to Day Care though.

Liam has been co-ordinating the development of the app and is doing his darndest to learn a bit about day care along the way...

He holds a Bachelor of Financial Economics and Finance from the University of New South Wales.