The Easiest Way to Document

Complete your Day Care documentation in less than half the time without losing that personal touch. 

Why Choose Simple Reflect?

Enjoy more time with your children & less time on planning. Excessive regulation & paperwork has made compliance a real bore. Lets make it Simple... Reflect!

Simple & Smart

It’s a smart App specifically designed to save you time. We’ve adopted a “paperwork production line” approach which massively reduces double data entry.

Quick & Clear

You only have to add your child profile once. Simple Reflect then knows who’s coming when and what their guardian details are and what outcomes that child has used in the last 12 months. This all comes in handy when you do your planning. 

Lightning Fast Planning

When you create a plan, Simple Reflect already knows who will be there for that activity. You just give it a name, pick your syllabus dot points and origins. Presto!

Reflections and Observations

When it comes time to create reflections or observations, you only need to add images and a comment. Simple Reflect uses the info from the child profiles and plans to fill in the rest.

Seamless Sync

If you have multiple iPads or Android tablets don’t panic. Simple Reflect syncs across devices seamlessly.

Slide Shows

Display a slideshow of recent photos for parents to see when they arrive.

Secure Data Storage

Now you can store your portfolios securely & access them seamlessly from any iPad or Android tablet.

All in one reporting

Once your reports are created, Simple Reflect knows who to send them to already. It’s hassle free.

iPad & Android Tablet Ready

Access Simple Reflect from virtually any tablet.

Beautiful Child Profiles

Simple & Clear

Child profiles are the first step of the documenting process. In here you can adjust everything from contact details to attendance times. 

You can also view their progress metre which shows you which outcomes you’ve used in their planning over the last 12 months. This means you can see the gaps and plan accordingly.

Home Screen Dashboard

The who, what and when.

The dashboard shows who’s attending and at which times. It also shows what’s planned for the day and what documenting needs to be done.
A quick snapshot of where you're at!

Multiple Outcomes

Just tap the ones you want and leave the rest to us.

One of our most requested features was to be able to add multiple syllabus outcomes to any given activity. So we did it!

Simple Reflect lets you add multiple outcomes within each of our three syllabi: EYLF, MyTop, NQS. 

Just how much time can all this save you?
Don't take our word for it.

“Great App. I have been using it most of this year. Have gone from 12-15
hours a week of planning, reflecting, observing and follow-ups down to about 2.3hrs
a week. Love it!!” – Lizzie P.

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